Vestibular Rehabilitation

The vestibular system is one of our key components of balance and helps individuals of all ages maintain visual stability. Children may experience deficits with their vestibular system for many reasons, and these deficits can impact their ability to actively participate in age appropriate activities and recreation.


Vestibular disorders include but are not limited to signs and symptoms such as:


*Gaze stability deficits



*Ringing in the ear


Your child may benefit from a vestibular system evaluation if they:

*Complain of frequent dizziness

*Complain of a sensation of “the room spinning”

*Experience dizziness or headaches during or after reading

*Have experienced a recent concussion or multiple past concussions

*Experience balance deficits or a recent change in balance abilities

*Have had multiple ear infections within the past year and/or surgeries for ear tube placement


Starfish therapies offers vestibular evaluations for children of all ages as well as concurrent vestibular rehabilitation should the need be indicated.  The vestibular system is just like any other part of our body: with the right exercises and treatments significant improvements can be made!


If you have concerns about your child’s vestibular system we will provide a free phone consultation to answer any questions.