Annual Gross Motor Exams

When babies are born they begin a period of growth and development that doesn’t seem to slow down for several years.  One of the areas of continuous development is their gross motor abilities. Many times there are questions about if they are on track, or what they need to work on.  Sometimes kids have had challenges early on with their growth and development, whether its due to an injury, an illness, torticollis, developmental delay, or many other reasons.  They may have graduated from physical therapy which is amazing!  However, its nice to know if they are continuing to progress with their gross motor skills.


Most of us go to the dentist once or twice a year to get our teeth cleaned, as well as to find out about the overall health of our teeth. We also go to the doctor to get a general physical yearly (or more often the depending on your age).  Why not visit your pediatric physical therapist to get annual gross motor evaluations?  These will also come with tips of things to help work on for your child’s next stage of development, as well as catch anything that may be concerning.


This will provide a report about your child that you can share with their doctor, their coach, their school, or whoever you think might benefit from having a better understanding of your child’s gross motor abilities.


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