Universal Exercise Unit (UEU)

The UEU is a specialized piece of equipment that can be used in multiple ways to support your child in reaching their functional goals. One use is for strengthening your child’s muscles. The system of pulleys, straps and splints allow your child to perform a variety of exercises. The exercises are performed at low weight and high repetition for muscle strengthening, endurance, isolation, and motor control. A second use is for range of motion, both passive and active, to achieve and maintain unrestricted movement.

The UEU utilizes a variety of support slings for prone and supine swinging to encourage head, neck and trunk control, as well as to provide vestibular input that is essential to movement. A second system using bungee cords and a belt provides dynamic support, which allows your child to perform functional skills and movements virtually ‘independent’ and frees up the clinician’s hands for facilitating movement. This allows the child a safe and secure environment to improve their balance and balance reactions.

By changing the level of bungee support, the amount of weight bearing your child is performing also changes. This is a great technique to assist children in learning how to jump. Lastly, by providing maximal bungee support your child can be suspended and ‘fly’, which provides them with vestibular input that is critical to their sensory system and, most importantly, it’s fun for them.

Please view the video and pictures for a further look at the use of the UEU.